A Buff Viciously Trolled Uruguay Complete Losing Luis Suarez

During Uruguay’s Planetary Cup compeer against Italy on Tuesday, prima ahead Luis Suarez appeared to sting single of his opponents on the shoulder


Suarez claims he precisely at sea his balance

, but FIFA prohibited him for Little Joe months


And on Saturday, when Uruguay matched up against Colombia, unity rooter wouldn’t have everyone draw a blank just about the incidental. 

We aren’t certain whether the guy, who donned a Hannibal masque for the game, wanted to ring away Suarez — or restrain Colombia. Either way, 1kicks it’s hilarious.

We saw the photo on the Chirrup eat of Surcharge Harris, a UK-based sports newsperson for the Connected Closet.

A Uruguay fan’s Suarez gag. #worldcup


— Hook Bomber Harris (@RobHarris) June 28, 2014

In all fairness, Suarez does consume a story of regretful behavior

. To establish matters worse, Republic of Colombia scramble Uruguay 2-0 and testament promote to toy Brasil in the quarter-finals.

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